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Content Marketing Agency

We’re a content marketing agency who specialises in social engagement, search engine ranking, lead generation, and brand building.

We’re world leaders in the science of content marketing. In 2011 we developed the world’s first algorithm to explain and predict viral memes, and in 2016 we developed the world’s first web app to automatically detect website dissatisfaction.

We create high engagement marketing content and formulate sophisticated digital marketing strategies.

Content Creation

We produce high quality content to attract leads, build credibility, improve search engine ranking, and drive sales

market research services


content relevancy

The key to producing high engagement content is timeliness and relevancy. It’s critical to know your target market’s values before you can grab their attention and, most importantly, evoke behavioural outcomes.

We’re experts at designing and implementing advanced research studies, from keyword research and competitor analysis through to full-service market research.

infographic services


highly sharable

Visual content is a critical part of content marketing, and infographics are a cornerstone. Expertly crafted infographics are highly sharable, promote your brand, and emphasise your competency and knowledge superiority.

We’re experts at designing compelling highly sharable infographics to drive interest and sales.

ebook writing services


Lead generation

E-Books have a special place in content marketing strategy, enabling you to make your best knowledge portable, and qualify potential clients. They also make great “lead magnets”, helping you to build your database and identify new leads.

We’re experts at publishing eBooks, from ideation and illustration, through to final copy.

white paper writing services

White Papers

and Reports

thought leadership

Demonstrating thought leadership by publishing and distributing high quality white papers and reports is a sure-fire way to build your brand’s credibility and get noticed.

We’re experts at creating white papers and reports – from initial research through to data collection and copy-writing.

blog writing services

Blog Content

boost website performance

The right blogging strategy can improve website ranking, attract external links, and boost your website performance.

We’re experts at blog content strategy and writing.

content design services

Asset Design

visual content

It’s been proven that poorly designed or unattractive content can reflect poorly on your brand, lowering credibility and in some cases negatively impacting trust.

We design and produce a range of visual content from social media plaques to profile assets.

content strategy agency

Content Marketing Strategy

marketing strategy social media

Social Media

Knowing which content is best suited for which social media platform is fundamental to content marketing strategy. We use a data driven approach to our content strategy, from audience targeting and planning to content ideation and creation.

marketing strategy influencers

Influencer Marketing

We’re experts in influencer marketing, from hybrid activation campaigns through to advanced content seeding. We’re able to boost your content effectiveness and virality by employing carefully selected influencers.

marketing strategy training


We’ve been teaching Digital Marketing workshops and courses since 2009. We’re Melbourne’s best digital marketing trainers. Let us train your staff to become expert content marketing specialists.

marketing strategy seo

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

At the core of  content marketing is getting your website ranking high on search engines. We’re experts at SEO audits, content mapping, and technical improvement plans to get your webpages ranking high.

Our Experience

We’ve been a content marketing agency in Melbourne since 2008.

Our team of specialists is lead by Viral Marketing expert Dr Brent Coker. Dr Brent is a Digital Marketing pioneer, founding the dot-com fernland in the late 90s, inventing the world’s first algorithm to explain and predict viral content in 2011, and developing the worlds first web app to automatically detect dissatisfaction in 2012. His award-winning research on ecommerce strategy and viral marketing has been published around the globe, and he is author of the bestselling book “Going Viral”.