Our Story

Deloosh was born in Melbourne,
December 22, 2008.

Deloosh began in 2009 as a market research agency specialising in the collection and analysis of data for academic and scientific institutions. We developed one of the world’s first technologies to automate data validity checks called Red Shield.

Along our journey we developed the world’s first web app to automatically detect website dissatisfaction – known as Webreep.

We have evolved, and are now a dedicated content marketing agency, specialising in data driven content strategies to drive traffic, generate leads, and build strong favourable unique brand associations.

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Content Marketing

Our Values

icon never stop learning

Never Stop Learning

Our background is academia, and our strength is our knowledge, and knowing what others don’t know is what drives us to be the best.

icon transparency


It’s important to us that our clients know what’s going on. We’re scientists at heart – accuracy and effectiveness is a function of full disclosure and having everyone on the same page.

icon quality first

Quality First

It doesn’t matter if you’re a small business or a global brand – we’ll dedicate the same effort and brain power no matter who you are. All our clients are important to us – after all – you chose us!