We help brands tell a better story

Our Expertise

Content Strategy Agency

We’re a content strategy agency that helps brands tell a better story.

A solid content marketing strategy will result in more leads, better ranking in the search engines, and more favourable brand associations. Underpinning these benefits is knowledge of who your target market is, what type of story and media is appropriate for each channel, how to incorporate engagement triggers, and what systems need to be in place to maximise content repurposing goals.

This is where content marketing strategy comes in.

Distribution decisions should never be an afterthought. The key to a successful content marketing strategy is knowing how to tell your story the best possible way through different channels.

At Deloosh we’re experts at crafting content marketing strategies.

Our Process

How we Get Great Results

  • 01Audience Identification

    Researching and documenting the target segment you’re trying to convert is fundamental to an effective content marketing strategy.
  • 02Ideation

    Our proprietary and scientifically based process for identifying the types of content that affect your target segment ensures we get maximum engagement.
  • 03Content Creation

    The quality of the content plays a significant role getting engagement, from keyword analysis through to colour selection and careful copywriting.
  • 04Distribution

    Careful thought must be given to how the content is seeded, which content is suited to which channel, and repurposing strategy.
  • 05Results Tracking

    Metrics underpin content marketing strategy, playing a critical role in persona refinement, ideation, creation, distribution, and repurposing decisions.
  • The Deloosh Process
  • content marketing process audience identification
    Audience Identification
  • content marketing process ideation
  • content marketing process content creation
    Content Creation
  • content marketing process distribution
  • content-marketing-process-results-tracking
    Results Tracking

Driving Sales

The Buyer Decision Making Process

buyer decision making process

Consumers progress through several stages before deciding to purchase from you. This process is often referred to as the “Marketing Funnel” or Buyer Decision Making Process.

It is critical that your content marketing strategy covers each stage of the marketing funnel to drive sales.

Blogs and social media assets are perfect for generating initial awareness about your brand. E-books and whitepapers are ideal for demonstrating brand competency during the evaluation stage. And delivering case studies and success stories through email is a good way to nurture leads towards final conversion.

We understand the fit between the buyer decision making process and generating leads and conversions better than anyone else.

seo services

Ranking higher in search engines

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Relying solely on PPC to bring visitors to your website is never a good idea. Most people click on organic results, and most people click on results on the first page. To get these clicks, you need to rank high, and that requires SEO – a key component of quality content marketing strategy.

Deloosh staff have expertise in the latest best practice SEO to get your website ranking higher in organic search results. We keep a close eye on search engine algorithm changes, and know exactly what causes position penalties just as much as what leads to a higher rank.

Underpinning all our work is an understanding of search intent. Gone are the days of tricking the search engine into thinking you’re an authority on a subject when you’re not. We do it all, from keyword mapping, negative backlink identification and removal, intent analysis and optimization documents, through to an integrated sustained long-term content strategy. You can trust us to get your webpages ranking higher, and a solid system in place for keeping you ranked high.

Bring it in-house


Content marketing is an ongoing function in modern organisations, and while we’re capable of running your content marketing strategy for you, sometimes it makes sense to migrate some or all content marketing tasks into your organisation.

We’ve been running digital marketing workshop sessions to executives and organisations since 2009, and we’re extremely good at it.

Building of years of experience, proprietary knowledge, and leading-edge techniques, we’re able to train your staff on the latest and most effective techniques for content marketing.

digital marketing trainers

Needs Audit

Oftentimes, companies don’t have a clear understanding of why their online presence isn’t performing the way they expect, or where they’re missing opportunities.

As part of our full-service marketing service we conduct a needs audit to identify which areas of your marketing need improvement, including SEO tech, lead conversion, website traffic volume, search ranking, and consumer targeting and profiling.

Part of this process includes statistical reporting, to evaluate your current performance and benchmark the effectiveness of your content marketing strategy over time.

seo audit